Mount Victoria Cemetery

Our cemetery is hidden in the bush just outside the village of Mount Victoria.
A project is currently underway to repair the gravestones of significance.


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Mount Victoria Cemetery, located one and a half kilometres south-east of the township, was established in 1881. Notable internees include John Berghofer, the builder of Bergofer’s Pass at Mount York. (The pass, no longer used for vehicular traffic, has since been included in a network of walking tracks at Mount York. The Mount York area is now heritage-listed.)

The dedicated area of the cemetery is just over 8 acres (approx 3.25 hectares). Sections include: Roman Catholic, Church of England, General, Presbyterian, Wesleyan, Jewish and Unsectarian. There is approximately 50 monuments in 7 main grave rows. There are many more burials in the cemetery than monuments, about 70 are recorded on monuments and there are about 60 burials. It is likely that some of the unmarked graves were previously marked with timber surrounds, crosses or other monuments which have not survived due to the effects of weathering, decay and periodic bushfires.

The majority of monuments date from the 1890’s to the 1940’s. The oldest monument in the cemetery is the gothic style sandstone with arched hood moulding to Elizabeth Burrup Stanley died 5 May 1891 aged 66 years. This headstone is signed by the mason, R Thomas, Rookwood.

Other internees include members of the Lanfranchi family, owners of Marthaville, a heritage-listed house on the Great Western Highway, John William Berghofer and his family, Henry Rienits and his family.

How to find it

Victoria Falls Road is an unsealed road running off the Great Western Highway just south of the railway overbridge at Mount Victoria. The cemetery is no longer signposted. After entering Victoria Falls Road, take the first track to the left to the cemetery, which is about 300m from the highway.

Latitude/longitude -33.593693,150.265488


More information

Mount Victoria General Cemetery is administered by the Blue Mountains City Council. For further information, contact Council at Locked Bag 1005, Katoomba NSW 2780; Phone: 02 4780 5000; email: Council maintains a searchable cemetery register on its website.

Common Surnames

Barton 2
Berghofer 3
Bullough 1
Burch 1
Burton 2
Carter 2
Challands 1
Challenger 2
Colledge 1
Cooper 2
Delaney 2
Foley 1
Ford 3
Green 2
Hall 5
Howell 2
Hutchinson 1
Kirk 1
Lanfranchi 5
Law 2
Lomax 1
McCord 2
Mills 3
Minty 2
Moore 1
Olsen 1
Perry 1
Rienits 6
Rook 2
Stanley 1
Trenerry 3
Tuckwell 1
Wakeling 2
Whittall 1
Wilkinson 1
Wilson 5
Wye 1
Wynne 1
Yeend 1


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