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Mount Victoria is the western most village in the Blue Mountains, NSW, and is home to the highest point in the mountains – One Tree Hill – the original name of Mount Victoria. The Mount Victoria Historic Audio Tour allows you to explore stories of Mount Victoria’s past at different locations around the town – and on your own time. For the full experience, once you have downloaded the app, head to Mount Victoria for a few hours, find the locations on the Map Page of the app and listen to each story while you explore the location. Along the way you’ll hear from local community members and historians who each shed some light on the unique aspects of Mount Victoria’s heritage past.

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We are located along the plateau from Mount York, the site of the most important of the explorers’ camps, where Blaxland, Lawson and Wentworth viewed the Hartley Valley and the ’west’ for the first time during their successful Blue Mountains crossing in 1813.

Beginning its life as a stockade in the 1830’s for convicts toiling on the Old Bathurst Road, Mount Victoria was originally named ‘One Tree Hill’ in 1834. The town became known as Mount Victoria in the late 1860’s once the Railway Station and Public School were built. However, this change of name was not made official until 1876 when the Post Office was built on the highway.  The town prospered not only as a significant tourist destination but as the western terminus of the railway. This continues today as the location for a mixture of historic exploration, nature and adventure tourism.

Less than a kilometre from Station Street resides the Toll House circa 1849, the second oldest building in the mountains and one of only two of its type surviving in NSW. Similarly, the Gatehouse, circa 1868 is one of four habitable gatehouses enduring.

A proud mixture of European and Indigenous culture, Imperial Park graces the centre of the village and possesses one of the oldest First World War memorials, circa 1916. Did you know we once had a zoo here too? The old grottos in the park once housed a variety of animals in the 1930’s & 40’s.

The significance of the village with its distinctive townscape, historic building lined streets intermingled with open park areas, mature trees and street planting is evident in its Urban Conservation Listing. The Museum at the Historic Railway Station is an ideal avenue to explore more about this captivating community.

above: ‘One Tree Hill’

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Click here to go to ‘Great Places’: an initiative around our little village showcasing our historic buildings with information via QR codes.

‘Using a spear pump – Mount Victoria, NSW’

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