Rossmoyne – 26 – 28 Selsdon Street

Built around 1885 Rossmoyne is an unusual two storey house built close to the street alignment. While the form is quite typical of a Victorian Regency house which might be expected in an inner city suburb, it is rare in the Blue Mountains.

The house has local significance because of more than a century of residential use by prominent local families including Lanfranchi, Matthews, Bardens, Lupano and currently the Thompsons.

Rossmoyne was built around 1885 and was owned by the Lanfranchi family, who also farmed at Marthaville during World War I.

Miss Wood ran Rossmoyne as a boarding-house around this time.

Miss Wood, of Rossmoyne – one of the most select houses on the mountains-can always take an extra guest,though her house is well filled throughout the year by introduction alone.” The Town and Country Journal. 11/3/1893.
In 1920 William Matthews, who owned other property in Mount Victoria, sold the house to the Bardens.

In 1946 Barden sold to Ron Lupano who in turn in 1963 sold to the present owners, Jack Thompson and his wife, a grand-daughter of the Bardens.

Source; Trove