Cherrywood – 7 Carrington Avenue

7-9 Carrington Avenue has some historical significance because it was constructed as part of a group of dwellings in Carrington Avenue by the same owner, Henry Crawford, around 1914, and was occupied by him and members of his family. It is an important element in the townscape of this part of Mt Victoria and contributes to the character of Carrington Avenue.

The land occupied by 7-9 Carrington Avenue is a part of the land granted to Mary Finn on 16 September 1868.

By the second half of the 1880s a quantity of land, including land along Carrington Avenue was owned by the local agent George Hubbard Cooper. The Coopers were a family of hoteliers who promoted early coaching services at Mt Victoria and ran regular trips to Jenolan Caves. George Hubbard Cooper purchased the Fairfax Estate and opened Cooper’s Grand Hotel (now the Manor House) in the second half of the 1880s. It was subdivided and sold off to various individuals. Lot 12 of the subdivision was sold to a local labourer, John Stone, in May 1892. On 16 January 1896 Stone mortgaged his land to William and Anne Seaward of Ashfield and John Aitken, a Sydney solicitor, then in January 1898 the title to it passed from Stone to Henry Lawrence Crawford, a Sydney accountant. Henry Crawford subsequently purchased the adjacent Lots 11 and part of Lot 13 from George Cooper around the beginning of September 1905.

In January 1913 Crawford mortgaged the property to Arthur Hezlet of Burwood and took out another mortgage with Hezlet in January 1918. The cottages that occupy 5 and 7-9 Carrington Street were probably built around 1913 or 1914; the cottage that stands on what is now 7-9 Carrington Avenue was called “Cherrywood” and was occupied by Henry Crawford from 1914 or 1915 onwards. In May 1916 Crawford purchased Lot 16 from Cooper and Lot 17 at the beginning of 1919, presumably to give “Cherrywood” more extensive surrounds. Henry Crawford died during 1919 and in 1920 the property was inherited by Annie Johanna Bradley, Mary Hilda Crawford and Katherine Crawford. On 5 March 1920 the title to it was transferred over solely to Katherine Crawford who seems to have lived in “Cherrywood”. Some four months later she mortgaged it to John Yeomans, solicitor of Sydney. It would appear that Katherine Crawford died by 1925, and the Public Trustee eventually transferred the title to a part of her property to Errol Ernest Barden, a grader driver of Mt Victoria, on 20 October 1939 and the remainder to Joan Cotte. Miss Cotte died around 1961 and her property at Mt Victoria passed into the hands of the Perpetual Trustee.

On 30 March 1962 the title to the property passed to bar manager Henry Wallace O’Connor, bar manager of Potts Point, and his wife Betty. 5 Carrington Avenue was sold to Florence McLean Green of Moss Vale in April 1972, and the following year 7-9 Carrington Street was sold to Dion and Maureen Boehme.

Source: The NSW Dept of Environment and Heritage

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