Cedar Lodge Cabins

Cedar Lodge Cabins, 40 – 48 Great Western Hwy


Cedar Lodge Cabins were built by Ted Moreland in the mid 1940’s to mid 1950’s.

They were one of the first of a type of tourist accommodation in NSW and possibly Australia to cater to a new and growing type of holiday maker, the touring motorist.

From the article “New Code of Comfort in Holiday Cabins” from the Sydney Morning Herald 28th July 1947:

“A councillor of the NRMA, Mr FC Sommerlud. MLC believes there is a very profitable future for entrepreneurs in the cabin field. Already there were more than 350,000 motor vehicles registered in New South Wales, compared with 129,000 in 1939, he said, and it was already evident that there was a great urge to take to the roads at holiday time.

Rail travel was overcrowded and uncertain, while neither present hotels nor those likely to be built in the future would meet the demands of touring motorist. This class of patronage was never very popular with hotel proprietors anyway, Mr Summerlad said.

The motoring boom ahead would parallel the one which struck America in the 1920’s and here, as there, it would be catered for by enterprising developmentof auto-camps of which there were more than 20,000 in the United States.”

Mr. Sommerlad cited as a promising start the development of “Cedar Lodge,” at Mount Victoria, 78 miles from Sydney. The full plan called for 24 cabins around a lodge, where a manager resided. Four cabins already completed and in use had kitchenette with crockery and cutlery, electric griller, hot and cold water, living-room and bedroom, with central heating and insulated walls.

Construction of another 10 was under way. The final plan provided for swimming pool, open-air dance floor, barbecue, cabaret, laundry, and other amenities. The camp was sewered.”

For details on how you can book pet and people friendly Cedar Lodge Cabins for your holiday accommodation, go to their website www.cedarlodgecabins.com.au.

Please respect the privacy of the occupants.

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