Great places – QR Codes


Welcome to our charming historic 19th century village


Have you seen the QR plaques on some of the historic properties around the village? You can find out more about the history of certain properties around Mount Victoria.

This page is part of the Great Places project about places in Mount Victoria. Each place in Mount Victoria will, one day, have its own page where its story can be told.

If you have something to add to this story contact us

This might be historical information, photos or more recent or current information. It can be about people who have lived at or been associated with this place, links to articles or information about the structures on the property.

Places with a sign that has a QR code can be scanned into a smart phone.  The QR is connected to a web page like this one with more information about the property for a self guided tour of Mount Victoria.

*Great Places participating in the Historic Signs Project. These places have or will have a sign which includes a little information and a QR code which can be scanned for a self guided tour of Mount Victoria.


Walk around our village and discover these historic places with QR codes

*Allen Cottage (Fermoy) 41 Hooper St

*Berghoffers Store 82 Great Western Hwy

*Cedar Lodge Cabins 40 – 48 Great Western Hwy

*Cherrywood 7 Carrington Ave

*Gatekeeper’s Cottage 169 – 181 Great Western Hwy

*Imperial Hotel 1 – 15 Station St

*Old Post & Telegraph Office 111 Great Western Hwy

*Larsens Cottages 28-30 Montgomery St

*Mount Victoria Manor Montgomery St

*Marthaville 127-129A Great Western Hwy

*Mount Victoria Railway Station

*St Peters Anglican Church 79 Great Western Hwy

*Toll Bar House 167 Great Western Hwy

*Trains, Planes and Automobiles 86 Great Western Hwy

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