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NEWS: Mount Victoria Community Association has just achieved Vice Regal patronage for our Great Train Weekend event. The Honourable Margaret Beazley AO QC, Governor of New South Wales has agreed to become our Patron.


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The Royal Commission into this summer’s devastating bushfires wants to hear FROM YOU about your experiences.

They want to know: what could have been done better, what was done well, and how could the processes be improved. This is in all relation to all aspects of the bushfire crisis- the lead up, the event, and the recovery.

The deadline for submissions is APRIL 3rd. Once they have all their data, they will put forward their report and recommendations in August. There are many ways you can make your submission:

By phone: 1800 909 826 (M-F 8.30am-5.30pm)


Post: Locked Bag 2000, Manuka ACT 2603


Note from Rebekah Zahra

I (Bec from Transcendence Wellness, Mount Victoria) was fortunate enough to attend the recent Royal Commission forum. 

The forum consisted of BMCC and Hawkesbury council members, RFS leaders, a member of the community whose holiday house burnt down, Max from Serenity Trike Tours, and myself.

My feeling was that all present had very valid and unique viewpoints that represented our community well. The team from the Royal Commission were very genuine and caring, and are truly wanting to improve processes for the good of the community.

Without going in to too much detail, the RFS raised many of the issues that I have heard other members of the community raise. The council members expressed the issues that they were facing with the clean up effort, as well as the issues that they face with how to go about the recovery effort. Max raised issues surrounding the tourism industry, and how that was impacting on our economy.

I raised my own issues surrounding the inability to access recovery resources for the greater community. These included:

-the low interest business loans being offered but with the conditions of needing to be actually fire impacted as well as having enough collateral to cover the amount of the loan, which is unattainable to people like myself.

-the lack of financial support from other charities who have had the world donate millions- where is that money? It was at that time only being offered to those actually fire impacted.

-the downward slide of tourism equating to the drying up of the local economy. Locals working in tourism then unable to spend in other businesses leading to everyone being affected, including hours being cut, jobs lost, and loss of income.

-probably other things that I can’t recall right now.

I can honestly say, I really don’t think that they had any clue as to the reality of our situation until we told them.

I URGE YOU, please make a submission to the RC regarding your experiences. How can we expect them to know what we are all facing if we don’t tell them? There’s no point in crying over spilt milk, but we can have our say on what needs to change moving forward. Take this as your call to action.

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